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The Best Burger in Town

Nature's Pride Bakery

The Foodbuzz Tastemaker program sent me an assortment of breads to try for the summer grilling season. The all natural buns and rolls were the perfect addition to my BBQ. Each loaf is 100% organic bread. The whole wheat bakery buns rocked my world with flavor and texture and when I toasted them slightly on the grill the scent was heaven. I grill out often and now I will go out of my way to select these buns.


Carmenere and BBQ


I dream in BBQ. With the summer cookout season in full swing, I wanted to share one of my top wines I like to drink with BBQ. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I seek out red wine from Spain and Argentina. Theses wines are often unknowns and I like trying new flavors. Argentinians eat a lot meat and make bold wines to stand up the these dishes.

The other item to keep on hand for the BBQ is your sauce. Make it right and it will be talked about for decades, standing on its own or supporting the wine being served.


Break Bread Together, Often

You know the kind of place where you visit and it feels like home? I went there last night; I recognized it right away. Walked right in the door and it knocked me over with the smell of roasting corn in the kitchen.


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