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The S'more Party

When the moon is full there are friends to gather. Steaming bowls of chili were served with all the toppings; however, the best backyard fire pit would not be complete without s'mores to go around.

My Summer Solstice

Key Lime Pie

The evening was almost a total wash due to the storms. I had planned dining waterside and having cocktails beforehand. Instead, I ended up securing plants and lanterns that might have become a projectile because of the severe winds at 70 MPH.


Once Upon A Summer Night


Say the word s'more and you may find yourself surrounded by a small gathering in a outdoor casual setting rather fast. After all, who doesn't have the simple ingredients stashed away in the pantry waiting for the right occasion. In our backyard at the edge of the tree line a small scattering of the bright yellow fairies begin to show themselves as dusk falls. Fireflies to me are the charm of a summer night.


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