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Foodbuzz 24X24: Gulf Coast Cuisine Dinner Party

New Orleans Theme dinner party

As one of the Foodbuzz: 24 X 24 Gulf Coast Ambassadors, last night it was my privilege to participate and showcase the cuisine of the Gulf Coast region. This event was held in St Pete, Florida at my friend Jennie's house with the proceeds going to the Greater New Orleans Foundation thanks to Foodbuzz with the focus on helping fishermen and their families in the area who have been subjected to the fallout from the BP oil disaster since April 20, 2010.

The stakes have been devastating to every single state along the Gulf Of Mexico and nobody knows if there will be much of a future for inhabitants or residents of the area. There is a darkness that looms in our offshore waters and the oil invasion is currently taking a heavy toll on all of us living in the coastal regions.


Tracking the Oil Gush Disaster in Google Earth

oil spill BP oil gush google earth
oil spill layer in Google Earth

Like most everybody, I have been watching with horror as the events in the Gulf of Mexico have been unfolding over the last 50 days. Lately I have been using technology to make the most sense of what is actually going on out there. In case anybody has missed it, Google has a crisis response page for the oil spill located at You can get the latest maps and Google Earth layers as well as watch YouTube videos and get the latest news.


The Edge of Paradise

Florida estuary

As the oil monster continues to toil through the depths of the Gulf of Mexico I take snapshots along my route.


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