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Pineapple Banana Smoothie

Pineapple smoothie

Last night at the box we were all feeling the humidity moving in full steam ahead. The WOD was a chipper which means you have to finish a section before you can move on to the next part. At the end we were all falling to the ground.

100 Jump ropes
80 Butterfly sit ups
60 wall balls
40 Hand Stand Push-Ups
20 Cleans

I fueled up before my workout with this pineapple smoothie to hydrate properly.

3 pineapple chunks
1 cup of coconut milk
3 slices of frozen banana
1 scoop protein powder

This drink is very good for the beach and the boat but it really needs a umbrella.

Doesn't St Pete look pretty from the bay?

Green Bench Brewing Co

Green Bench Brewing

Hi, it was a beautiful spring weekend here in the the bay area. I walked around Cenral Ave in St Pete where there was an art walk going on until 10pm. Spring is the time of year I love to soak up the outdoor walking routine. I made my way to Green Bench Brewing.


Week 2 Push-up Challenge

It was a good night at Crossfit last night. For the skill focus we worked on dips(7 sets), we did 3 and then each set we made it more difficult - until I did 1 bar dip with no band. The push-up challenge has been adding to my strength a bit and certain movements are becoming easier for me. Each day I feel stronger than yesterday.


Mango Cilantro Smoothie

This is my favorite smoothie. It's been a part of my breakfast on the go. It's a must for sipping on the beach on a hot afternoon while my dog Vienna chases toys in the surf. The cilantro is great for removing toxins in the body but honestly it really tastes great. I was doubtful at first but I tried it for myself and now I'm hooked. The recipe is a Dr. Oz creation but I slightly altered the ingredients because mango is sweet enough and does not need added sugar. The three best ingredients I like are the ones I list below.


Scenes From Around St Pete

April in the bay area is wonderful. Flowers are fragrant and spill over the walls of hidden gardens. The gentle breeze is warm and inviting. Being outside in the sun is actually tolerable. There's low humidity and it makes bike riding ideal. My friend Jennie and I went for a bike ride to take in the scenic trails of St Pete.


3 Daughters Brewing

The trolley whisked us off to the warehouse district where we planned to visit a few craft breweries in St Pete. 3 Daughters Brewing was first on our stop of craft beer destinations. As soon as we arrived I was greeted by Leigh and I wanted to get familiar with the brews on my own first; therefore, I chose a flight of brews before getting into all the craft beer knowledge. Really, the tasting is the best part and it gets me familiar with the inventory and informed as to what I might see on the tour.


Push-Up Challenge


Hello friends! During the month of April I'm working on a push-up challenge. Every day my plan is to complete 30 push-ups anyway I can. Even if I have to do them scaled to complete all at once. If you are in shape you can join along. If you are wanting to get in shape, scale them back to 5 a-day and practice on your knees. Just a suggestion - I'm not a medical Dr or a fitness coach. Personally speaking, my arms are burning after each day that I crossfit but I'm used to it now and my Dr. knows I workout hard.

My back is strong from all the pull-ups, but my biceps need work to reach my goal. I practice pull-ups doing a lot more of the negatives these days.

My arms are seriously feeling the difference.

Chasing the Tide

It's time to lather up with sunscreen and get outside. It's cool enough in the morning to still wear a jacket and the water is cold. It makes for pleasant beach weather and sipping banana coconut smoothies until you get brave enough to jump right in. For a few days I'll forgo the alarm clock and chase this instead. It's a peaceful morning and though I'm not yet jumping in the chilly gulf water I can sit comfortably outside and not sweat my face off.


What I'm Reading Now

The front that moved in on Friday gave me a headache. As much as possible I stayed inside so I could manage not taking any medicine. As long as I was inside it seemed to help. I did some reading and caught up on the DVR. This book Night Circus is ideal for a dark and stormy weekend. Saturday looked like a whiteout with the heavy rain and winds swirling through the area.


Out Like a Lamb

Yesterday was cool and sunny. I'm not quite ready for the summer heat yet. The other day someone said to me they prefer the heat and can adjust to it easier than the cold. I understand, I came from up north too. In the back of my mind I was thinking it's not the heat so much as the humidity. The humidity is thick with mosquitoes hanging in the air out for blood. Mosquitoes are just evil at the box. But, I digress...I need to focus on the here and now happy place.


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